Month: September 2019

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m officially another year closer to 40! Where has the time gone? The years seem to be slipping by faster and faster!

Oh Taxi…

My birthday festivities started at 12:30 this morning…

It is now becoming a birthday tradition and joke, that I taxi my brothers and his two best friends, Mikey and Michael around on my birthday. Last year, it was to rescue them from U-Haul to try to find my dad when they were moving Glenn into his new house. This year, as my dad’s co-pilot, we dropped them off at JFK airport in New York.

As we speak, they are currently taking off from LAX and on their way to Japan for four days. After that, they are on their way to the Philippines for their other best friend, Patrick’s wedding.  Patrick is in the military and will meet up with them closer to the wedding next week. His family owns a rice farm there and is now getting married to his childhood friend, Kay.

Very excited for them and even though they got me a card and gave me $25.00 for going with my dad, I told them they still needed to buy me something from each country, and not anything I can buy at H-Mart which is a huge Asian food store not far from where we live.

After getting home at 4:30 this morning, Ed let me sleep until 9:30. He didn’t want me to sleep too late so I could go to bed at a decent time tonight which I totally get. He went out and got me a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Dunkin and a few Munchkins.

Officially on Vacation…

As of Friday, at 5:00pm, I was officially on vacation. We had pizza and wings at my parents that night since they came home from Disney that day. My mom brought me home an apple from Disney which are my absolute favorite. I don’t know what they do to them that makes them better than any other caramel/chocolate covered apple I’ve ever had.

Saturday morning didn’t go as planned. Ed and I stopped at the place where I donate my plasma. He was unable to donate since he is on injectables for diabetes and I was the 3rd person in line to go next when I started to get a really bad headache and feel a little light-headed.

I went to the receptionist and asked her if she could remove me from the queue since I wasn’t feeling so well. She was thankful I came to her and was honest and didn’t donate since I started to not feel well. I told her that I think I just wasn’t good at donating first thing in the morning and was better towards the end of the day when I had more food and drink in my system. Plus, Ed and I were on our way to Cape May and I didn’t want to pass out in the heat.

On the way to Cape May…

After arriving in Cape May around noon, we ended up paying for parking at a bed and breakfast near Washington Street. It was the first place we saw that had open parking and was cheaper than a few of the other lots that were probably already full.

I love Washington Street! There are so many cute little shops and restaurants along and behind it.  My two favorite bath places are there, Bath Time Cape May and A Place on Earth. A Place on Earth is owned by the Allen Family, who’s granddaughter, Danielle, was one of the three people who introduced me to Ed. Sadly, we lost Danielle a few years ago in a car accident.

The last time Ed and I were in Cape May, I found the main store for the Cape May Peanut Butter Co. behind Washington Street. They have a tiny shop in Smithville which is so small and so hard to get into some days. It was true for this shop on Saturday. It was so packed in there and I don’t handle crowded places very well. Especially when it involved ignorant, annoying people.

It was so bad in there that Ed ended up waiting outside. I knew exactly what I wanted and knew where everything was located. Some woman must have thought she was the queen of the store. I needed to grab something off the shelf and said “Excuse Me” a few times and when I finally reached over her to grab the gift pack I wanted, she threw her arm in my face to give her friend a sample of peanut butter.

It felt like as I made my way through the store to the register, she followed me and became even more obnoxious as I got closer and closer. She didn’t even end up buying anything and I could tell the employees were annoyed with her as well. She was so loud yelling to everyone in her party and even saying something along the lines of passing the baby she had with her off to anyone, she didn’t care, even if it was a stranger.

By that point, it was towards the end of our day and I was beyond ready to get out of there. Besides, we were going to my parents again for that night for dinner and still needed to get home and get Ember. I got our peanut butter cannoli’s, paid for my stuff and high tailed it out of there. Ed and I found a bench in the shade on the little pathway back to Washington Street and sat and ate our cannoli’s before we headed back to the car.

I don’t know which was worse, the woman in the peanut butter store or the drivers on the Parkway and Expressway.  We were in the fast lane a little above the speed limit… okay, well above the speed limit but at a safe pace. I lost count of how many people were tailgating us and would fly past us. Then some jerk wouldn’t let us get passed him and almost caused an accident as we were trying to get off our exit. My blood was boiling. All I wanted to do was go home.

Icing on the Cake…

Before I left work on Friday, Ed had called me and asked if I could pick up his medications at the food store on my way home. He called me a few hours later and said that he wanted to surprise me, but he wasn’t going to make it in time to pick up my cake from my favorite bakery so if I didn’t mind, go and pick up my cake before they closed.

The bakery is called Sweet Eats and they are well known throughout South Jersey. Their main bakery is in Voorhees and they have an “express” shop in Marlton. No matter what you purchase there, you will never be disappointed. They are always so busy that you have to take a number and wait to be called, even if you are picking up an order. It’s well worth the wait!

My two favorite cakes from there are the white chocolate, chocolate chip with white chocolate shavings or the carrot cake with coconut. My aunt also got me the M&M’s cake from there a few years ago and that probably ranks at my 3rd favorite.

Their icing is so much different than any other bakery around. It’s smooth and doesn’t have that crunchy, sugary texture. The number of flavors and fillings they have are unreal. There are so many different combinations of cakes, icings, and fillings you can come up with.  

Well, I’m off to get cleaned up and enjoy the rest of my day. Need to prep for what I have prepared for the rest of the week!

Make sure to check back to see what I have been up to!

And that been, The Icing on the Cake! (How fitting!)

Icing on the Cake – A Crash Test Dummy Blog

Throughout my preteen and teenage life, I kept a journal or diary of some sorts. Writing was something I’ve always enjoyed throughout the years. Starting a blog has always been a dream of mine. I spent the majority of 2019 trying to figure out what my “niche” would be.

Hours upon hours and days upon days, were spent researching different “niches”. Coming to a conclusion on what my “niche” would be was a daunting task and I often found myself frustrated and annoyed. The following seemed to be popular among bloggers. Which would I choose?


Would I like to write about my goals for my finances and take people along my journey towards a debt-free in 2020? The answer is YES! Unlike some bloggers I follow or have followed, I do not imagine devoting a whole blog to it. Would I love to try what other bloggers have blogged about it and then blog about my experience and what worked for me? Absolutely!

Baking and Cooking?

I love baking! Cooking, not so much… Whenever I try something new, all I get from my husband is an, “Ah, it’s okay.” That’s even after I try to follow a recipe. How does my baking turn out so good then? You have to follow the recipe exactly or it won’t turn out. You have more wiggle room with cooking and even when I follow the recipe to the “T”, it never turns out good. He thinks I pick weird recipes too. Blogging about different recipes I’ve tried and what worked and what didn’t could be an idea… Hmm…



My husband and I do not have children together and do not plan on having children. He does have a son from a previous marriage that is now 25. Andrew will call me Mom even though I’m 11 years his senior. Vice versa, I refer to him as my son. Of course, I don’t mind at all. Not to toot my own horn, but I have done more for him in the past 10 years than she has his whole life. Cindy would beg to differ, I’m sure.

My other Mommy role is that of a dog mom…. Ember is our 5-year-old German Shepherd and my world. Don’t get me wrong, Andrew and my husband, Edward, are my world as well. There is just something special about being a dog mom, but I would probably bore you with how much I talk about Ember…

Health and Beauty?

Health… I had a major health change in 2018… Long story short… I struggled with my weight all my life. I’ve tried anything and everything and the weight would never come off. I knew my nurse practitioner years before I switched to her in early 2017. During a regular visit with her in October 2017, she asked me if I ever considered weight-loss surgery. I said yes, but my old doctor never brought it up and I guess I never thought about asking him. That was on a Monday. By Friday I was in the surgeon’s office and by March 27, 2018, I was in the hospital having a gastric sleeve. I would write about that, but there is only so much you can write about and I’m no expert on it. Trust me…. I’m learning, even with my mom by my side who is 18 years post-op and works in the medical field, so she knows a thing or two.

Beauty… Ha! Having been overweight for so long and already had my husband snagged, I didn’t care much about beauty. Trends have changed and I chose not to keep up with them. Recently I have tried what I see on Facebook videos and on YouTube and I end up looking like clown…. I HATE CLOWNS! They scare me!

Fitness ?

Haha. Haha. That’s funny!


I love to craft! Sewing, crocheting, cross-stitch, and making Vinyl decals with my Silhouette Cameo is what you will most likely find me doing. I’ve dabbled in other crafts as well. Before they were all the craze, I made bath bombs. (I could kick myself for not continuing!) I’ve also tried chainmail, beading, drawing, painting, etc. You see where I’m going with this, right? If it is a craft, you can guarantee I have tried it. Some have been successful, and some have failed. Ah, could that be my “niche”?

How to make money blogging?

How does a new blogger blog about how to make money blogging if I’ve never blogged before? Assuming this is for experienced bloggers… I don’t expect to make money off this blog, but if I do, added bonus, right? Maybe I’ll try a few pointers these other top bloggers try to see if they do work and I will let you know, truthfully! I don’t expect to make $10,000 a day blogging.

By the way, the numerous amounts of ads on blogs is getting to be too much! From what I have read, you don’t make much by someone clicking on the ad. Some of the blogs I try to read on my phone have way too many ads that I give up reading and move on to the next.


From reading other bloggers’ posts about starting a blog, you have to figure out what you are passionate about. There’s just too much I’m passionate about to just choose one thing. Sorry, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want! Does that make me a rebel blogger?

One pin I found on Pinterest, “101 Blog Niches”, gives you a full list of 95 Niches… Where’s the other 6? After reading through them all, I realize there are so many of these niches that I would love to write about and so many I know nothing about! What is SEO? Luxury watches? Hello, I’m poor! Online jobs? I’ve tried the whole survey thing… you cannot make $250 in a day… Maybe they are just paid $250 a day to say that?

If I wanted to get my blog up and running by the beginning of the new year, I had to act fast. I tried to search for different ideas on Pinterest and even consulted my best friend, Google and came up short.

Then one night, while lying in bed trying to go to sleep and pinning on Pinterest like I do every night, I came across a pin from Alex and Lauren over at Create and Go. It was entitled “What Kind of Blog Should I Start?”. I clicked “Click Here” and off I went through the questions and after adding my e-mail address, the result was “Crash-Test Dummy”! The description that follows described exactly what I was looking to do and write about…. A little bit of everything, especially trying new things and what worked for me and what doesn’t. It all made sense! I FOUND MY NICHE!

The tough part came next… Trying to figure out what I wanted to call my blog, buy the domain name, the hosting and all that fun stuff that comes along next…. Fun… eh…. Figuring out a name was the 2nd hardest thing to do after finding my “niche”. Alex and Lauren had some suggestions for adding “Experience” or “Adventures” to the name of the blog. I had nothing… I tried… I wrote down ideas, and nothing stuck. I thought long and hard about all the different topics I wanted to write about and what I wanted my blog to be about.

I don’t know where it came from, but Icing on the Cake came to mind and I took it and ran. My cousin, Kelly is pretty creative. (My guess is from all the years she’s read my journals/diaries.) Since her opinion matters so much to me, I asked her what she thought and she loved it! I got online like they tell you to do in all the starting a blog post and bought my domain name. The .com name was already taken and a suggestion for .life came up. SOLD! This blog is about my life as well as the things I’ve tried, I want to try, reviews, experience. You get the idea!

I would love to hear your feedback on what you think I should try! Leave an idea for me below and tell me what you think!

And, that, ladies and gentlemen, is The Icing on the Cake!