I have been trying to get this blog up and running for 2 years now. My downfall… Creating and devoting the time needed for each blog entry. I consider myself an organized person, but that’s only at work. I feel like Work Heather and Home Heather are two completely different people.

It’s a new decade and I have so many things I would like to accomplish this year. My blog and my collar business (Two Dogs and Company) being in my top 5.

20 things for me to accomplish in 2020…

  1. Buy our 1st Home
  2. Payoff Debt
  3. Stick to the Budget
  4. Spend Less
  5. Launch Blog
  6. Launch eShop for Two Dogs and Company
  7. Read 50 Books
  8. Try 52 New Recipes
  9. Finish Started Craft Projects
  10. Declutter
  11. Snowboard for the 1st time
  12. Manage Time Better
  13. Get Home Heather more Organized
  14. More Gym Time (isn’t that everyone’s goal?)
  15. Buy New Furniture
  16. Use reusable shopping bags more
  17. Learn 10 New Skills
  18. Create a Nightly Routine
  19. Meal Plan/Meal Prep
  20. More Family Time

Follow me along this year to see what I accomplish and what I struggle with. I will be blogging about my adventures along the way!